About V.D.B. Grains

Van Der Burgt Grains Ltd is an independent Family owned and operated trading and elevator company in Canada, first established in 2007.  With help from our many grain producers local and abroad, we Purchase, Condition and Sell most grains and oil seeds throughout Ontario and other Global Markets. We have expanded the elevator several times to better serve our customers, including but not limited to a new High efficiency drier. This project was awarded a repayable Loan via FED -DEV



Why Choose V.D.B. Grains?


Versatility, The complete package from trading Futures, Basis, Currency Hedging and Transportation to many different end-users and terminals all done within the same local company.


Dependable, Whether it’s fast payment, easy to read grain settlements, late receiving hours or on time Farm Direct pick up.


Bottom Line, Our commitment is to above all, build strong and long lasting partnerships with our Grain Producers and End-users. V.D.B. Grains continually strives to deliver the best one-to-one elevator services and grain marketing for your Ag Business.