What's New at V.D.B. Grains Ltd.

Wheat season is here ! Have a safe and successful harvest.

We have 3 convenient locations for you to deliver your wheat. 
Mitchell - Staffa - Stratford

Soybeans- These past several months have offered no shortage of volatility in the market place. Dry weather in south America and a smaller estimated US planting crop has given some excellent opportunities for sales.

Corn-  Old and New crop corn have shown great opportunities that should not be over looked, call our office and let us help you secure some strong values delivered Harvest 2018.       

To our
FARM DIRECT customers we have strong valued markets for OLD and NEW crop, all quality types of corn. We will continue to work closely with you to ensure your corn will be sent to the best market and value for its quality !    


 Wheat-  . As the wheat comes out of winter its always a good time to look over your selling strategies. There have been some great selling opportunities for 2018 and 2019 wheat crops. If you have not already, talk to us about our unique pricing strategies and harvest delivery programs we offer to our customers. To our FARM DIRECT customers, there are strong farm direct wheat bids for winter and spring picked up or delivered values call the office for details.  

2018 & 2019 wheat program classes below
 Soft Red Winter - Hard Red Winter - Soft White Winter   

V.D.B. Grains will not accept any wheat treated with Manipulator or Cycocel




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