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 2020 IP Soybean contracts left available! 

NK S03-W4        OAC Strive
        NK S07-M8        OAC Lakeview  

   NK S10-R2         OAC Calypso
  P11A10              OAC Avatar


ALL SQWH varieties welcome

      All Non-GMO varieties welcome  



Delivery Locations for your 2020 crops:
Wheat, Soybeans,Corn

-V.D.B. Grains "Mitchell location"
- Rosebank Seed Farms "Staffa location"
  - Van Straaten Elevators "Stratford location"
- Mount Pleasant Grains "Russeldale location"


Soybeans- These past several months have offered no shortage of volatility in the market place. Continued trade disputes between US and China has greatly improved futures values. Contact us on different pricing strategies to best navigate this marketing year.

Corn-  New crop corn planting is a few months away, we have had great marketing opportunities this past year to pre sell the crop. Lets keep that going and set 2020 crop market orders.

To our
FARM DIRECT customers we have excellent value markets for NEW crop, all quality types of corn. We will continue to work closely with you to ensure your corn will be sent to the best market and value for its quality !    


 Wheat-  . A lot of wheat went into the ground this fall, its always a good time to look over your selling strategies. There have been some great selling opportunities for 2020 and 2021 wheat crops. If you have not already, talk to us about our unique pricing strategies and harvest delivery programs we offer to our customers. To our FARM DIRECT customers, there are strong farm direct wheat bids for winter and spring picked up or delivered values call the office for details.  

2020 & 2021 wheat program classes below
 Soft Red Winter - Hard Red Winter - Soft White Winter   

V.D.B. Grains will not accept any wheat treated with Manipulator or Cycocel




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