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Food Grade IP & NON GMO Soybeans

Focused on sourcing & supplying the highest quality product from producers to end use buyers around the world, V.D.B. Grains offers an array of Identity Preserved & NON GMO soybean varieties available for delivery during harvest or stored on Farm. Our diverse selection of IP & NON GMO options goes beyond conventional offerings, providing farmers & importers with the opportunity to grow & take delivery of product that possess distinct characteristics, always ensuring strict segregation & conditioning. Explore the advantages of incorporating Identity Preserved soybeans into your agricultural strategy, enhancing not only the value of your crop but also helping create a link & connection from locally grown crops with high value markets around the world.

Contact our office & speak with trade staff today for more information on our 2024 IP Soybean programs.

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Our commitment is to above all, build strong and long lasting partnerships with our Grain Producers and End-users. V.D.B. Grains continually strives to deliver the best one-to-one elevator service and grain marketing experience to our customers