Farmers Serving Farmers Est. 2007
Location Receives:
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Hard Red Winter Wheat
Soft White Winter Wheat
Spring Wheat
Staffa Elevator
Street Address:
7340 Perth Line 24, Staffa Ontario
Email Address:
General Office:
Location Manager:
Location Phone:

Regular Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Tuesday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Wednesday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Thursday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Friday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Harvest Season Hours

Open Daily 7am - Midnight

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Our commitment is to above all, build strong and long lasting partnerships with our Grain Producers and End-users. V.D.B. Grains continually strives to deliver the best one-to-one elevator service and grain marketing experience to our customers